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October November 2007
We visited Oahu in late October

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On the plane with Grandpa and Grandma, Natalie tries to make the best of the 5-1/2 hour flight.

Upon arriving we rode in a big limo which is the same rate as a plain old taxi, but has more room for people and luggage.

Sara went on the $2 floatie plus 60 cents to blow it up with air. Dave paddled a kayak for an hour but no pictures of that.

Natalie in the shade, in her sun suit. She didn't get too much sun or get sunburned at all. Which is remarkable given her fair color.

Beach in Waikiki about a block from our hotel. We had privileges at the Outrigger Reef including their pool.

On one of many walks, here is one-eyed-Jack as she calls herself on the right.

This composite picture doesn't quite fit together since they were taken at different times, but gives an idea of the view out our 5th floor balcony, looking north across Fort DeRussy, a Honolulu landmark.

Noah, their 3-month baby Jaden, and Alana Winstead. Alana worked for Sara's tanning shop for several years. They are stationed in Hawaii where Noah is in the Army.

Alana and Sara.

Sara and Natalie in front of a really big tree outside the Honolulu Zoo entrance.

A pretty backlit picture of Natalie, age 3 years 3 months.

Natalie liked the small bronze elephant even better than the live ones.

Fireworks on Friday night, just a short show of about 5 minutes.

Kind of blurry but you get the idea of us sitting in the back seat of an open air trolley, which Natalie LOVED! We rode the trolley several times.

Another trolley view, poking her head outside.

The Porters and Smiths out for a walk. Natalie likes to say with great emphasis "Ben Smiff" then laughs and laughs.

We had dinner at a beach restaurant and watched the sun go down, as did all the other tourists.

You can see Diamond Head in the background, and a tiki torch burning right behind these two.

Beach walk at sunset while the others finished their dinner.

Natalie liked sand castles (for hours!), but was timid about the actual ocean when it came to swimming. However, she loved the pool and was in there at least twice a day.

Nat and "Ben Smiff" out on our deck. We had a nice two-bedroom condo unit with full kitchen.

This trip, Natalie enjoyed looking around from the window quite a lot. She enjoyed the approach over the city lights, and noticed the tiny cars crawling around.

Another airplane shot.

It was a brand new 737-800 set up for over water flights. We got a great one-time deal on the tickets--only $200 apiece round trip! This is all until next time!

In November is when you finally get around to recycling the moldy old jack o'lanterns.

Late afternoon after daylight-savings kicks in, sunset is about 4:30 p.m. Here is some orange sun on Mt. Rainier plus some barge and ship traffic.

This is at night showing a crescent moon over Tacoma.

The window and siding project in progress. This was after the old shingles came off, re-flashed the windows plus added trim boards on the inside and outside corners. This required a layer of tar paper too.

Now all the windows on this section are renewed, the "panic room" window at the upper right was replaced. Next step: buy the shingles and nail them up, which is easy compared to all the prep work.

Natalie age 3 years 3 months, loves to help around the house. The vacuum is particularly fun.

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