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July/August 2007
In the height of summer!

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At Brea's birthday party at Browns Pt. pizza.

Hurray! It's the 4th of July. It was a very nice day, very hot. Nat and Dad "marched" in a local parade.

Here is Natalie goofing around on the playground equipment before the parade started.

Our new "red" door, painted in glossy enamel.

We got a tent that looks like an igloo, at Ikea. Natalie loves this sort of thing.

Mia relaxing in the late afternoon sun. She loves summer.

Alpenglow on Mt. Rainier, probably about 9:00 p.m.!

Along with 50,000 others we walked on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge before it opened the following Monday. We made it about halfway and back. The lines were very long.

Mom and Natalie hoofing along. Nat is a very good walker. We went on her very first "hike" thru the forest a couple days later.

Nattie's first pink toes, she got a kick out of it.

A very nice rainbow.

Daisy enjoying her little territory.

Natalie and Daisy about to head out for a walk in the rain. Natalie has a nice new pink raincoat.

An interesting fogbank, swooping up and over an anchored grain carrier ship.

First picture of the 2nd annual gathering at Browns Pt. Lighthouse. That's John, Sam, and Natalie Porter.

We love to see everyone and hang out at that incomparable spot. This is Sara and Susan, and you can see some more Porters on the parkbench, then the lighthouse cabin in back.

In the dusk, looking for interesting rocks. Natalie really likes to hang around with and talk with Joyce Porter.

Ryan and Daniel Leavitt tossing one of the innumerable rocks that were relocated from the beach to underwater. Those boys are getting so big and grown up!

Joyce, Natalie and Sara. All three are Porters.

A closer view of the three.

Sam and Dave, and underneath resting up is Daisy. Daisy is 7 years old this summer. We won't go into that for the two men.

The final wonderful BBQ dinner, the night before Mom and Dad left. On the left is Joyce (in a obscuring shadow) and next to her Ben Smith. Then opposite Ben (to the left of Sara), is Judy Smith.

Natalie is tucking into a plate of hot dogs, rice, and salad.

Beautiful golden light on a worthy recipient, also golden and beautiful.

Here is what the lighthouse looks like, taken from the front porch. Spectacular! We had pretty much perfect weather all week.

Out for a stroll in the park, Natalie found a nice ball to play with and take home.

Later, after visiting the store, Natalie gets to eat a popsicle.

Notice the two "boo boos" on her knees. The product of running too enthusiastically towards the blackberry bushes.

Sara loves to fish, but we haven't caught any except accidents so far. We are getting better at it, so fish have to watch out.

With Lester Landers and Marty's garage sale. Natalie and Dave went to visit for a bit. Lester visited for a week or so, these pictures are taken during August.

This is the first fish Sara caught since she was about twelve! A smallish (3 lb. or so) "Humpy" otherwise known as a coho salmon. BBQed up nice and we enjoyed a nice dinner of it. A week or so later, Dave nearly caught a 6-7 lb. "silver" but it got away due to a broken leader. The fish are really jumping around here.

Our beautiful, wonderful, new dishwasher! Dave installed it which is more work than one might think, but still feasible for the amateur plumber / electrician.

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