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Remodel footings positions
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1. Overview of easterly footings area, the paint can to the left of the 4x4 white post shows the landing spot for the new column. It is just off the edge of the 6x8 foot tiled entryway patio area.

2. Same paint can, the viewing position of the camera is lined up with the new beam line. The top surface of the tiled area is 12 inches above the slab underneath the wood porch.

3. This shows how the wood deck sits 12 inches above the level of a slab, and this vertical wall extending across the downhill side of it.

4. It looks to me that the entire patio--the entryway step, the slab, and the vertical wall showing here (plus the step-up on the right adjoining the neighbors house off to the right of the red wood deck), was all poured in one operation. The entryway slab (about 12x18 feet estimated) extends the entire NE corner of the property, southwards of the retaining wall.

5. This shows a detail of the entryway tiled area, it's hard to see just to the right of the drainpipe, but the perimeter foundation is definitely separate from the tiled area. To the left of the drainpipe, you can barely see the hasp on the crawlspace entryway door.

6. This side view of one corner of the entryway concrete block, shows the angled wood form separating it from the perimeter foundation, just to the right of the red paint. To the left side, see the 2x4 decking that is 12 inches off the surface of the underlying walkway slab. The slab is poured right up on top of, and attached in a non-structural manner to the perimeter foundation.

7. Here is the second exterior footing area, to the west of the house. The white plastic bucket shows the approximate position of the new column landing and footing. The red painted wood deck is 18 inches above the top surface of a concrete patio / retaining wall you can see behind the railing and to the left of the fig tree trunk. The new column would land right about at the edge of the concrete structure.

8. Another view not much different than above.

9. A closer view of the concrete patio & wall. It appears the wall was poured first, then the slab on top. The wall is about 36 inches from grade, up to the top surface. I'm not certain, but it appears the wall could have been poured separately from the perimeter foundation just to the right of it, but I suppose the opposite is plausible--they look approximately the same age (1960 vintage), and a crack / joint is not obvious.

10. The moss covered wall underneath the deck is the extent of the structure--it extends to about 1 foot short of the western property line.

11. This is a view of the retaining wall looking at it from under the deck. Looks quite solid--no cracks or settling.

12. Another view similar to the above. This looks eastwards towards the house foundation.

13. This is the extreme easterly end of the patio wall, showing how it joins up with the foundation (grey concrete rectangle to the right of the drainpipe. I'm pretty sure this rectangle is the furthest south extent of the main foundation, there are some concrete block structures & some of the walls south of there (corresponding to the downstairs bedroom, and the chimney). Look at picture #9 above, and you can see some of this concrete block work, painted in yellow, to the left of the aluminum window frame.

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