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July 08
Summer in earnest

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Over the July 4th weekend, "Tall Ships" visited Tacoma's harbor area.

Jack is starting to smile, at a little under 2 months old. There is a lot to smile about.

Kind of an odd picture of Mia the cat sneaking around in the dark.

A pretty spectacular moonrise over Mt. Rainier, with alpenglow. This was July 16th, 9:03 p.m.

Notice how Jack is raising his head up while lying on his belly. His neck is becoming strong.

Natalie having fun on the rug, she likes to pretend being a cat.

Early one Saturday morning, we went on a train ride in this 1890 passenger coach, being towed behind "Thomas the Engine" who visited the museum near Snoqualamie Falls. There was lots to do besides ride the train...

Here's Nat looking out the open windows.

Natalie and her favorite train engine Thomas!

In a bouncy house nearby.

Then, we went further north to visit Dave's mom and "San Diego Sam" plus the Leavitt's were visiting in Bellingham too! What a great weekend!! This picture shows Susan holding little Jack.

Admiring the wildlife, is always fun.

Just a nice family picture of 3/4ths of the Porter family.

Jack in the "jumparoo" it may be called, that Natalie enjoyed so much. We think Jack is remarkable for at this young age (2 months) being so capable of holding up his neck, and here, using his legs a little bit.

Natalie got a new trike and gets better each time she rides it. She was impressed on one outing, to see some older girls on bicycles and one of them crashed and skinned her knee. Which is an instructive lesson on what to expect when that inevitable happens to her.

He is "all boy," here in a stylish suit given him by Dave's boss Kathy.

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